Farewell Dinner with the Staff

The after 5pm face! In my Staff Nurse’s car to Junction 8, Bishan for our Farewell Dinner at ………………………….

Manhattan Fish Market (:

Here’s my Supervisor (in light green) and quarter of Colleagues.

Jasmine, my partner for my First Industrial Attachment for 2 Months and 2 Weeks.

The soup of the day ; Mushroom Soup!


I ordered Fish & Chip Light (Dory Fish), didn’t want to order the REGULAR one as I’m not sure why at the first place my tummy ain’t hungry at all at 6.15pm!

Jasmine ordered Spaghetti Chic’en Olio Light, she didn’t even finish her food too!

Before, during and after the dinner, all were chit chatting while me and Jasmine hold our stomach as we ate a lot that day! As for me one of the nurses (picture below) treated me Banana Split for lunch, in the centre we had Dark Forest Chocolate cake and even Blueberry cake! That answers to why we ain’t feel hungry at all! Heeee. 😀

This is Claire! The one whom treated me for lunch! ❤

I adore how professional she is while working (:

This is Jareal the funny guy whom wants to learn Malay Language badly and I have to assist him though! hehe.

Surely, I will miss my colleagues and staff at Assisi. I’ve gain a lot of experience, learned a lot to be patience, learn zillions of stuff here with the guidance of the wonderful staff and even volunteers! Not to forget my patients. The motivation for me to go to work. (I stay in Tampines and have to travel far to Upper Thomson) The one whom never fails to bright up my life and make me smile.

Thank You for having me in your life.




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