The ‘last’ day of school

09 December 2011, our so called last day of school. The sky was so bright and it’s kinda humid though.

Manchester United Soccer Schools Kids were in my college for training, so I as the big fan of Manchester United decided to take a picture of this I-don’t-know-what-it-calls? Hahaha.

During break time, decided to tie my hair and my friends told me to be Emo for while! 

My baby girl ; Maleeana

Sadly, she’s going to graduate :/ I mean she’s graduated already :/

OMG! OMG! OMG! We even took picture with the Manchester United Soccer School Coaches!! The guy who stands next to me warns me “Sorry if I stink” Aww (:

This really made my day!

This is Hani, hope she’s having fun out there! I wish I’m flying with her!!

We were waiting for our friend Huda, so we took out our wallets and dig everything out. All decided to count the number of movie tickets they have. (Picture above) I only watch 5 movies in total. Sad right? I know! hahaha >.<

Mia with her Movie Tickets.

Khai’s wallet is worst. So many receipts!!!!

We laugh at the slightest thing!

My baby girl, Esther (:

I love going to school. You know why? We laugh non-stop whenever we meet each other. It’s like we threw away those stress-ness we had during our Attachment.

Ah, laughter is the cure right?




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