Virgin Entry

Hello fellow readers *waves both hands*. I’ve decided to move on from Blogger to WordPress since Blogger’s Blogskins have been always the issue. I can’t find the one that I favor so here I am in WordPress, hoping that WordPress won’t let me down either!

Most probably I’ll share (not) everything about my life, and just to inform you that I won’t be updating my blog regularly.. Only if I have the time to do so since I’m no longer the girl who shakes her leg and use the laptop from morning to night. As you grow old (not that old) you don’t have all the time to yourself. Yeah, you have work commitment and family commitment! Yet, I’m sure to update as much as possible alright?

And and.. I’ve tons of entry to post tonight. Going to share a bit of my first ever IA (Industrial Attachment), Farewell Dinner with my Staff, so called ‘Last day in School’, Photoshoot with my 1st Brother all around Singapore.. See, I’ve lots to update! Even I’ve not done with uploading my pictures in my Facebook! :/

Till here then.




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