10 December 2011 ; PhotoWalk + Breaking Dawn Part 1

My first brother and I decided to go for a photo walk on Saturday since his not working on that day. I first plan to go Punggol but plan changed. Brother took me to the places that he know the sister will go “OMG OMG” heh.

(Picture Above)

Marina at Keppel Bay, if you’re a Kpop Fan you know who went here to do their Music Video! None other then, 2PM! My mouth can’t stop saying “OMG OMG OMG” when I saw the magnificent scenery! Marina Keppel Bay don’t look like I’m in Singapore eh?


My first brother and I (:

The Eclipse, sorry for the quality :/

My Sister-in-law & I.

After the photowalk, me and my brother fetch my sis-in-law at work. We head to Suntec City to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 at 11.40pm. (:

So the movie ends at 2am plus in the morning. Probably reach home nearly 3am.


YET, overall I love the last part of Breaking Dawn. FYI, I fall for Jacob! And and.. Seth is HOT! 😀




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