Morning Run


(sorry for the bad quality, picture taken via my iphone4)

An awesome start of my school holidays! Woke up at 5.50am, wash up and etc…. And off to my morning exercise with Mom at Tampines Central Park (walking distance).

For the first round I kept yawning! Haha, can’t blame me for that yeah? It’s Monday!! What do you expect eh?

All I did was, simple stretching before I start my brisk walking with Mom. Love the weather in the morning.. The wind like wise makes you sleepy!! :p

Tuned in to my iPod, listening to my playlist while walking! At the 2nd round, I’ve already perspire! Yeah me. So guess how many rounds we did? 4 rounds non stop! Awesome!

Hope to do this everyday to burn those fats. Hmm.. I guess next time I’ll jog if Mia joins me!!

Till here.



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