201211 Virgin visit to Singapore Flyer with Busu’s family <3

Busu called on Monday in the afternoon whether I could tag along with him and his family because there’s an extra ticket to The Singapore Flyer since my grandma scared that she will get sick so Busu offered me and I was like
“WOW, SINGAPORE FLYER?” (Trip to Singapore Flyer was in my 2011 Resolutions and I give it a YES after my parents gave me the green light)

We arrive at the Singapore Flyer at around 10am plus since Busu lost his direction because it’s quite confusing though. I was so EXCITED but at the same time nervous. Kept thinking whether I’ll shiver when I reached the top or will I get a headache once the capsule starts to move etc. HAHAHAHA.

On our way to get in the capsule šŸ˜€


Those big buses down there look like theĀ miniature bus. Hehe.

It was drizzling at first but then the rain came down heavy. From the Flyer you can see how beautiful Singapore is. I was “awww” to see God’s creation like I was near the clouds..

Singapore City.

This is at theĀ Souvenir Shop. COOL eh this picture?

After The Singapore Flyer ride, we went to have our lunch!

I already forgotten the name of the shop that we had our lunch! Oh yeah, it’s Hajjah Maimunah at Arab Street!

After lunch, we head home (:

Thanks Busu for the awesome experience ā¤

Love, Herda.


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