Nurul departs to Cambodia.

13 March 2012 – Cambodia

Did I tell you my girlfriend flying off to Cambodia for 2 weeks for volunteering? (NO?) Ok now I’m sharing;

It was so sweet of my teacher to give me and my course mate a 2 hours break, first thing on my mind was my girlfriend who is flying off in a few hours time. I quickly called her and ask her where is she and etc. Thank God Honey(course mate) was really understanding and supportive of her to follow me to the Terminal 1 to wave farewell to my bestie. Took one straight bus to the Changi Airport, alighted at the BRAND NEW TERMINAL 1 (or is it me?) Everything looked new and fabulous! I’m serious,.. it feels like I can get lost there but believe me, the signboard really helped me and partner a lot.

Tadaaaaa! At last we met. We have been planning to meet before she fly off but sadly both of us are really busy with our work and examinations. So quite surprising I make a trip to the airport just to see her and spend the time left.

On the left; Nurul’s secondary school bestfriend since Secondary 1. Nurul and I started knowing each other since Secondary 3 and till now. That’s Honey my course mate.

Our lunch time ends at 2pm, and I decided to leave earlier since Nurul haven’t even checked in at 12.55pm! So I hugged her for a long time, feels like not wanting to let go but I have too. Whisper her a few words and showed her ‘LOVE’ sign! Then waved her.

I tell you once I turn my head around and walked away, I felt that half of me is gone. The heavy heart that I felt.. yeah, two weeks you imagine? Without her whats-apping her. GOD KNOWS!

I started to get lonely at night and I MISS HER once I said “byebye” 😦


14 March 2012 – Parcel received

I was shocked when I return home from religious class and received this! Omg yes, my girlfriend post this to me! Inside there’s a letter to me, Siwon Oppa wallet photo and Nurul’s Handmade iphone4 casing for my 20th Birthday! So sweet of her! I cried as I read the letter. I’m serious! You know me right! :p

Thank you Nurul for the gifts and the letters. Thank you for whatsapping me once a day. It’s worth waiting for your whatsapp (:

I’ll forever pray for your safety wherever you go.

I miss you terribly.

& I love you always.




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