Assalamualaikum fellow readers! Hello! 🙂

I know every girl has this fear in them; Confidence. Am I right? (Wrong?) Think again. Don’t worry I have mine too. Especially when we dressed up to go out with our family, girlfriends or what’s more if you have a boyfriend right? Yes, we want to look good in every eyes but our confidence is not there! Guess who is our enemy? Our Self-Esteem! Yes, Confidence & Self-Esteem.

The Self-Esteem will bring both You & the confidence down. I have my days too but in fact everyday I feel that way. Hehe.

I’m no-no an expert, but I’ll give you a tip on how to boost the level of your confidence when it comes to dressing up?

  1. A day before you are going out with anybody, go to your closet and pick out the dress/top/bottom you want to wear the very next day. {I’m not a last-minute person whom will iron my outfit few hours before I head out home}
  2. If you don’t have much outfit to wear, here’s a tip;- MIX & MATCH! Or, pick out any magazine and ‘follow’!! {No harm trying}
  3. Plan everything beforehand, from head to toe. {Since I’m wearing a hijab, I have to think what color to match my outfit! Plus, I will find the suitable accessories which suites the outfit}
  4. No harm trying BRIGHT Colors. {I know, BRIGHT colors tend to ‘invite’ attention, it’s ok.. at least once in a while we get that kind of attention from the public}
  5. Just be yourself. {It’s very important to be yourself. Don’t stress too much on picking the RIGHT outfit for yourself}
  6. Don’t need to buy yourself EXPENSIVE dresses, bags and etc! {For me I don’t mind if it’s cheap, as long as it is comfortable for me and if the quality suites my taste, WHY NOT?}

I hope the tips helps you.


You know I’ve been browsing so many Muslimah (Muslim Ladies) Bloggers from Indonesia & Malaysia! Their sense of fashion is superb and I like the way they don their hijabs! I will share their link on My Blogroll on my right side of my blog!

Till here!

Salam! Bye 😀

Love, Herda.


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