Yours truly, A.L

Dad came home for his prayers and asked me;

“Adik (small sister, thats what my family calls me), who send this from overseas?”

I was kinda blur because I was watching my all time favorite SURVIVOR; One World. At first, I thought it was from Nurul.. but when I turn my head and saw the color of the envelope I quickly grab it. Jumping around like one kind of crazy girl, Mom just stood there I stared at me. I opened the envelope and saw ANDERS LINDEGAARD’S AUTOGRAPH!! I totally lost my mind!! Kept jumping around like a mad person, still screaming when I was holding that postcard. OMG, imagine it’s from Anders, from Old Trafford! My dream came true!

Posted it on the October 18th, 2011. Imagine I waited for this for 5 months? It’s worth it.

I hope my Baby Esther received her DeGea’s autograph 🙂




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