Girlfriend is Back!

All praises to Allah (God) that my dearest had reached Singapore safe and soundly from CAMBODIA! I’ve should posted this long time ago but you know I wasn’t able to go online and I haven’t download WordPress Application to my Iphone! (Boo Me!) I know right! But HEY! I’m thankful she is back!

Dear girlfriend,

You know why I’ve kept quiet and not set a date for our future meet up because firstly I don’t want to promise you anything because for what I’ve seen. Promises sometimes are meant to be broken (As you know we made a lot of promises to each other and the rest of the girls last time, remember? And we didn’t meet up and stuff?) Not that I purposely want to break our promises, is like I want it to go naturally without any hopes and promises being made. I hope you understand. InshaAllah, we will get to meet and hang out together.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder to each other”


You know I love you, always.




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