First Day of the Month.

Assalamualaikum Lovelies! Hello Lovelies!

Good Morning to the First Day of the Month! Finally it’s April, hope everyone is doing fine.

A whole new chapter awaits me, which is Working Life.

I’m not sure why I’m all nervous yet I’ve working under the same school for the past 3 months? Maybe a permanent staff have a different expectations? Yes, I’m all worried but I’m sure I’ll do a good job. *breathes in and out*

To all of you, all the best for your future endeavors! Never give up going into your school/course of choice and to those who are finding jobs; Don’t give up, keep on trying!  Lastly, the ones whom already started working it’s a new life, a new beginning. Everyday you will learn something new and don’t be shy to ask around for guidance. Be strong lovelies.

Anything just dropped me a message.

I’ll update soonest.


Waalaikumsalam! (:




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