Shopaholic I am.

Assalamualaikum Lovelies! Hello Darlings!

So yesterday me and my mom went to the Singapore Expo in the morning (to avoid crowdedness since it’s Public Holiday), so 2nd Brother send us and I’m thankful to save up on my transport! NyehNyeh, Boo to Adult Fare. Ok lets get back to the story line, I wanted to check out Hall 6’s Orange Wedding Event which literally there’s booth which regards to wedding and etc BUT my motive dropping by is to get my Hoodies (like the one I’m wearing in the picture above) and the Indonesian Hijab Booth! Yet, we went to the Book Sale then The Robinson Sale! I’ve always looked forward to shop at The Robinson Sale because firstly they sell handbags, heels, clothes and many more! I bought heels! It’s a Platform Sandals from Pedro which only cost me below $20! I can go crazy with the heels/sandals from Pedro but I only bought one since I’m saving money for Hall 6 (hahaha)

After Robinson Sale, my mother and I went to Hall 6, the moment that we have been waiting for; Shopping till we drop (yes we did!) We went from one booth to the other booth, stop for awhile especially if there’s any dresses or hoods that attracts us! I’m thankful to have a mother whom have the same fashion taste as me because it’s easy for me to shop! Like finally I found my hood from Meem Clothings, been searching at Geylang = Joo Chiat Complex. Bought two colors; Pink (the unexpected color) and White (the one in the picture above), each cost me $22! Yes, don’t worry I shop with my own money!

Like at last we were done with our shopping at Hall 6 with dresses, hoods and hoods! Hahaha, yes I bought a lot! Then we head to Tampines to do another round of shopping *face palm* We went to Tampines Mall – Century Square – Tampines One! As usual the must go to New Look with Mom! I bought 2 pairs of shoes, 2 for $29.90! I spend wisely, yes for my work! I can’t afford to wear two type of shoes only! Ok, I’m asking too much *slaps myself* Hahaha. AND…. I bought bracelets { ohmy Herda you, how many more you want? hahaha sorry sorry can’t get enough with the cheap accessories } We head home after a long and exhausting shopping!

Oh yes, I’m a SHOPAHOLIC!

ByeBye! Waalaikumsalam!




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