How I wish…

Hello Readers!

I know it’s kinda crazy of me to post a lot of the rooms pictures! Yes I found all this in Tumblr! Oh yes, I do want all this in my room like the Polaroids hanging across my room, the twirling lights around my bed frames, pasting of photos around my wall! Yeah, I know mostly all of you (my close friends) have been in my room and adore how I decorate it and etc BUT I never ever satisfied with what I have done with my room. Call me crazy, Yes I am. I need my room to be ‘alive’ at all times because I love being in my room, lazing around in my bed, having my laptop on, tuning into my favorite songs in Itunes, writing in my diary and sleep! I can be in my room for the whole day and that’s why I need it to be ‘alive’. I do change my photos at all times when I’m getting sick of it. (hahaha, that’s me)

Is just that I don’t have the time, money and IDEA to do so! What I need the most is photos and I’m one lazy girl to go down to the nearest shop and develop. Plus, it needs money! Well, what I can do for now is just do some research over the net and ‘copy-cat’ some ideas and put it in my room! Surely I’ll snap some photos! (:

Love, Herda.



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