Fronds and you.

“When I capture this, you were on my mind”

{ Fronds & the Sun }

Picture taken by Me.


Hello Readers!

It’s been ages right since I last blog? I don’t have the right time or the right mood to update a post. This heart been having mixed feelings. One day it can be upsetting, one day it can be soo happy. At some point of time, I can’t even read what’s really on my mind and in my heart.

” Why am I still holding on to you when you’re not even holding on? Why am such an idiot waiting for you?”

My heart grew fonder for you, I don’t know why. It aches even more as days past by when I think of you. Trying my best to go a day without you on my mind but I failed. You’re still on my mind.

Every morning, I always hoped and longing for you to whats-app me or even apologize, but it was just my illusions.

Why are you so egoistic? Why wait for me to make a move? Why not you, first? Why it always have been me?

God, if his not the one for me,… please fade him away from my mind, my heart. I’m so weak,…

Love,.. turns human to be vulnerable.


Lots of Love,




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