Dear, youuuuuu.



Salam my dear readers,

This post is dedicated to a best (boy) friend of mine, who I know wouldn’t have any access to my blog.

I’m very blessed to know him, I think you should know who I’m referring to. The guy whom I tweet soooo much at twitter. For your information, we are not a couple… Maybe I confuse you readers/followers. Nah, he is just the one who brighten up my days. The one whom widen my view on mother nature. He shares with me a lot of mother nature such as allowing me to know pretty trees and flowers! And yes, that’s why I’m all crazy about trees and flowers. Errr but more to trees! That’s where we have the same interest and our conversation will be all about trees! Yes, it may be kinda bored for some of you but not me!

Probably you think that “Oh it is just a tree!”.. You should know Trees provide/produce a lot of things for us humans and the animals! Each and every trees are special like us, human beings!

I thank God to let me meet someone like him! Not to just share the same interest (to loving the same boybands; Blue, Lawson!!) but to also understand me and…. can manage my temper very well. Hehe, you know I have that temper! If you knew, he is a year younger than me but is all grown up and matured! I’m so blessed to have him. Neh, we haven’t met each other yet… maybe next year? What’s more next year February we will be celebrating our 1st year of friendship! Time flies, yes it is…. So glad that he remembers.

And just so you know, you made my day by saying you loved me for the first time as a best friend.

To think about it, I don’t want to fall in love with my best friend. No…

He deserves someone better than me.

No, I don’t want to think about anything else but our friendship.


Lots of Love,



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