Hunger Games with love.

Honestly, you guys should watch The Hunger Games as soon as possible. Yes there were a lot of killing and fighting but if you have a brave heart and fear nothing then you should go watch it! Don’t be last one to catch it.

Eventhough Esther and I didn’t read or follow up with the novel we are really impressed and UNDERSTOOD the storyline without saying “Huh?”. Some people practically die-die must read the novel before watching the movie. Neh. I’m ok with it though. I heard it will like upcoming sequels? I already guessed it once the movie ended. Yet honestly, I fell in love with the main actress, not only she is PRETTY yet she’s not AFRAID of anything, yes the other word is BRAVE! πŸ™‚

Here’s a quote I grab from the movie line;

“In order for people to like you, be nice to them”

True much?

Right after the movie, me and Esther went around the 3 malls. Like usual, nothing attracts us. Hahaha.

We snap snap at our usual place at Tampines One. Ohmy, as you can see you CAN’T EVEN SEE MY EYES! haha, all thanks to the afternoon weather. πŸ™‚

We head to Night Market-McDonalds-Home (:





Last Day; 16 March 2012.

2 years pass by within a blink of an eye. Been through a lot of ups and the downs during this course. This course taught me a lot of stuff like how to groom myself, ready to work and ‘reading’ others mind or even their body language. Yes, I’ve grown to a stronger person. The lecturers really groom us throughout the two years. They even ride the same boat as us, fighting against the huge waves together and survived! Thank you to all the lecturers who have been in this battle with is, we appreciate your every effort to fight for us and put us in a good position in this line out there. May God Bless everyone of them, now and the future ahead.

I must warn you before you scroll down; there’s a lot of pictures below! Stay with throughout the post ok! :p

(HEAVY) Breakfast at KFC with the pretty girls πŸ™‚

Our class advisor catered STAMFORD food for us! Here it goes, the food that they catered below. Obviously it’s HALAL!

Amirah was lovely to bring along cupcakes for us! OMG, the cream (yes not icing) plus the brownie is SUPER DELICIOUS! I want to bake as soon as I have my off days.

My partner for the past few days! I’ll miss her for sure! πŸ™‚

My TWIN – Candid shot :p

From Huda, with love ❀

The most handsome guy in our course and obviously in our class!

Then we hugged each other, seek for forgiveness before we say our farewells to each other! Yes, it was an emotional ones.

Azhani, at the end of this course she’s different; thanks for the lecturers for grooming us! πŸ™‚

Our pretty advisor!


Then came our ‘gila-gila’ time!

The picture says it all ; LAST DAY! πŸ˜€

I would like to thank these girls for being there for me throughout the 2 years! It has been a ONE HUGE ROLLER COASTER RIDE! I don’t want to promise you this and that but May God make us closer in future.


Love, Herda.

The ‘last’ day of school

09 December 2011, our so called last day of school. The sky was so bright and it’s kinda humid though.

Manchester United Soccer Schools Kids were in my college for training, so I as the big fan of Manchester United decided to take a picture of this I-don’t-know-what-it-calls? Hahaha.

During break time, decided to tie my hair and my friends told me to be Emo for while!Β 

My baby girl ; Maleeana

Sadly, she’s going to graduate :/ I mean she’s graduated already :/

OMG! OMG! OMG! We even took picture with the Manchester United Soccer School Coaches!! The guy who stands next to me warns me “Sorry if I stink” Aww (:

This really made my day!

This is Hani, hope she’s having fun out there! I wish I’m flying with her!!

We were waiting for our friend Huda, so we took out our wallets and dig everything out. All decided to count the number of movie tickets they have. (Picture above) I only watch 5 movies in total. Sad right? I know! hahaha >.<

Mia with her Movie Tickets.

Khai’s wallet is worst. So many receipts!!!!

We laugh at the slightest thing!

My baby girl, Esther (:

I love going to school. You know why? We laugh non-stop whenever we meet each other. It’s like we threw away those stress-ness we had during our Attachment.

Ah, laughter is the cure right?