December Holidays



Salam my blog friends,

It’s the Month of December when everyone’s taking their break from their busy schedule. Also to gear up yet another challenging year ahead of us, Year 2013.

I had my 3 Days and 2 Nights short vacation to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Yeah, another trip to Malaysia). I think next year I should probably stop having short vacations to Malaysia,.. it’s time to break free and fly to other neighborhood country like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and to Korea maybe?

Ok let’s get back to the subject, my parents and I went to this beautiful French-Themed Village (according to Wikipedia)  which is located at Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia. The development is inspired by the original town of Colmar in AlsaceFrance, with elements taken from ancient surrounding villages like RiquewihrTurckheim and Kaysersberg as well { Link here ; }

You will be expose to nature beauty from the Japanese Village. If you are a nature lover you will fall in love with the breeze, the magnificent view of the place. Surrounded by the beautiful tropical trees and its like you will have that ‘Twilight’ feeling when you are surrounded by the tall, huge and beautiful Araucarias (Picture below). Not to forget pretty flowers!











You need 101 per cent of energy to climb the stairs to Japanese Village and you must have pretty strong legs to climb up the hills!

Next up, my parents and I went to the beautiful Colmar Tropicale;















Believe it or not, it really looks like you are in France. With the cold breeze, the feeling is there! Pretty villages, magnificent view of jungles. As you climb up the tower (don’t worry they have lift), you can see the whole area of Colmar Tropicale. You also can see Cameron Highland’s Tea Plantation! The BIG NO-NO-NO is the food, restaurant food cost a bomb! RM19 and above! I brought an Magnum Ice Cream for RM6? Normal price in Malaysia would be around RM4? Do take note; Do bring along food and drinks before you climb here.

Insha’Allah someday I might travel to the Original Place itself. With God’s will, with the money I saved.

Till here readers.


LadywithTheHijab, Hrrda




01 April 2012

Assalamualaikum Readers! Hello Lovelies!

How have you been? I know I’ve been long gone (neh, only about a week). So here I am updating!

The very first day of April my family and I (without my 2nd brother & my 1st sis-in-law) went to Johore Bahru. Yes, it seems that every weekend we went to Johore! Heh! At first we send my sis-in-law to work then we head to Johore! We head to Larkin Bus Interchange, we shop for Islamic books and bought a magazine! YUNA on the cover! 🙂 Afterwards we had cendol (Ice Kacang’s family) at the side of the roads (you rarely get this in Singapore!!)

As usual we went to Southern City (Johore) to buy our usuals necessities and needs for our home! Last place we went was Pasar Tani ( so called pasar malam/night market) Bought not much of finger food because we had Briyani for breakfast. Mostly we bought drinks over there! NyehNyehNyeh! Then bought the pants that I want but not the exact ones, sad much :/

On the way back to Singapore we were accompanied by the beautiful sunset! Yes, All Praises to the Creator for the beautiful sunset everyday! (:

Till here readers.




2011 an awesome year.


Today’s the last day of 2011. Practically, to tell you the truth, I really enjoyed 2011. Hope 2012 will be the same!

Here are the 2011 resolutions that I’ve achieved and I’m proud of it ;

  1. Get 3.5GPA points
  2. Ride an Airplane
  3. Go to Cameron Highlands
  4. Go to Genting Highlands
  5. Ride the Singapore Flyer
  6. Go to Universal Studio Singapore
  7. Get a DSLR Camera
  8. Get an iPhone
  9. Go Karaoke
  10. Trip to Kelantan/Terrenganu
  11. Visit India


Hope you guys had an enjoyable 2011! Byebye 2011! 😀


201211 Virgin visit to Singapore Flyer with Busu’s family <3

Busu called on Monday in the afternoon whether I could tag along with him and his family because there’s an extra ticket to The Singapore Flyer since my grandma scared that she will get sick so Busu offered me and I was like
“WOW, SINGAPORE FLYER?” (Trip to Singapore Flyer was in my 2011 Resolutions and I give it a YES after my parents gave me the green light)

We arrive at the Singapore Flyer at around 10am plus since Busu lost his direction because it’s quite confusing though. I was so EXCITED but at the same time nervous. Kept thinking whether I’ll shiver when I reached the top or will I get a headache once the capsule starts to move etc. HAHAHAHA.

On our way to get in the capsule 😀


Those big buses down there look like the miniature bus. Hehe.

It was drizzling at first but then the rain came down heavy. From the Flyer you can see how beautiful Singapore is. I was “awww” to see God’s creation like I was near the clouds..

Singapore City.

This is at the Souvenir Shop. COOL eh this picture?

After The Singapore Flyer ride, we went to have our lunch!

I already forgotten the name of the shop that we had our lunch! Oh yeah, it’s Hajjah Maimunah at Arab Street!

After lunch, we head home (:

Thanks Busu for the awesome experience ❤

Love, Herda.

15 December 2011 ; Shopping with Sis-in-law to Town & Bugis Street.

Stopped at Orchard MRT station, head to ION Orchard. Window shopped. Stop at New Look and tour their two storey store! I wanted to buy my favorite ankle boot BUT I’m fussy, plus the price is still WOW! :/ and we decided to go H&M because I haven’t been to that store before! heh.

As usual, girls… we walk, stop and snap pictures! What’s new?

Kim Hyung Joon promoting SEOUL, KOREA in the middle of Orchard Road 😀

My pretty Sister posing with Christmas Tree! (:

KFC for lunch at Bugis Street :DD

We took an hour to finish our lunch, talking and resting our feets after walking around Orchard and plus shopping! 😛

We went to Bugis Street after lunch, we shopped till we dropped. One shop after another one. I spend a lot on accessories!! What can I do? It’s cheap and fashionable! (:

Pretty isn’t she, my sister-in-law (:



10 December 2011 ; PhotoWalk + Breaking Dawn Part 1

My first brother and I decided to go for a photo walk on Saturday since his not working on that day. I first plan to go Punggol but plan changed. Brother took me to the places that he know the sister will go “OMG OMG” heh.

(Picture Above)

Marina at Keppel Bay, if you’re a Kpop Fan you know who went here to do their Music Video! None other then, 2PM! My mouth can’t stop saying “OMG OMG OMG” when I saw the magnificent scenery! Marina Keppel Bay don’t look like I’m in Singapore eh?


My first brother and I (:

The Eclipse, sorry for the quality :/

My Sister-in-law & I.

After the photowalk, me and my brother fetch my sis-in-law at work. We head to Suntec City to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 at 11.40pm. (:

So the movie ends at 2am plus in the morning. Probably reach home nearly 3am.


YET, overall I love the last part of Breaking Dawn. FYI, I fall for Jacob! And and.. Seth is HOT! 😀