Last Day; 16 March 2012.

2 years pass by within a blink of an eye. Been through a lot of ups and the downs during this course. This course taught me a lot of stuff like how to groom myself, ready to work and ‘reading’ others mind or even their body language. Yes, I’ve grown to a stronger person. The lecturers really groom us throughout the two years. They even ride the same boat as us, fighting against the huge waves together and survived! Thank you to all the lecturers who have been in this battle with is, we appreciate your every effort to fight for us and put us in a good position in this line out there. May God Bless everyone of them, now and the future ahead.

I must warn you before you scroll down; there’s a lot of pictures below! Stay with throughout the post ok! :p

(HEAVY) Breakfast at KFC with the pretty girls 🙂

Our class advisor catered STAMFORD food for us! Here it goes, the food that they catered below. Obviously it’s HALAL!

Amirah was lovely to bring along cupcakes for us! OMG, the cream (yes not icing) plus the brownie is SUPER DELICIOUS! I want to bake as soon as I have my off days.

My partner for the past few days! I’ll miss her for sure! 🙂

My TWIN – Candid shot :p

From Huda, with love ❤

The most handsome guy in our course and obviously in our class!

Then we hugged each other, seek for forgiveness before we say our farewells to each other! Yes, it was an emotional ones.

Azhani, at the end of this course she’s different; thanks for the lecturers for grooming us! 🙂

Our pretty advisor!


Then came our ‘gila-gila’ time!

The picture says it all ; LAST DAY! 😀

I would like to thank these girls for being there for me throughout the 2 years! It has been a ONE HUGE ROLLER COASTER RIDE! I don’t want to promise you this and that but May God make us closer in future.


Love, Herda.


2nd internship, ends.

Did some cards for my 5 lovelies students, 2 of my teachers and 1 of the caregivers. So i found this cute and attractive stickers at my nearest stationery shop and bought 3 different stickers!

I love the dinosaurs, it suites my boys. 🙂

Cheese Roller Coaster & 2 Apollo Chocolate cakes for my babies!

Each for my 2 teachers & my caregivers.

& I received Jackfruit Chips + Famous Amos from my teachers.

Thank you for the experience you gave me. Thank you for guiding me throughout my 9 weeks in this school. Yes I’ve learn a lot and the memories I have with my students.. I’m sure to bring it everywhere I go.

*hugs & kisses* my lovely students.

Love, Herda.

231211 Ladies only.

At last, we are complete. SEVEN LADIES ❤ Yes, since secondary school till now.

Brownie bakes by Nurul Ain is AWESOME ❤

Sardine Filling By Sery ❤

We never fail to celebrate each other’s birthday at the end of the year. It’s our tradition since secondary school but we only skipped last year. Hope we will have many more of this next year! (:

After cutting the cake and finish the whole Polar cake,… we went to Karaoke!

It was impromptu though and yeah, it’s my FIRST TIME!


Ladies, we should do more of this but you know I find this place spooky :p

Haha :DD



201211 Virgin visit to Singapore Flyer with Busu’s family <3

Busu called on Monday in the afternoon whether I could tag along with him and his family because there’s an extra ticket to The Singapore Flyer since my grandma scared that she will get sick so Busu offered me and I was like
“WOW, SINGAPORE FLYER?” (Trip to Singapore Flyer was in my 2011 Resolutions and I give it a YES after my parents gave me the green light)

We arrive at the Singapore Flyer at around 10am plus since Busu lost his direction because it’s quite confusing though. I was so EXCITED but at the same time nervous. Kept thinking whether I’ll shiver when I reached the top or will I get a headache once the capsule starts to move etc. HAHAHAHA.

On our way to get in the capsule 😀


Those big buses down there look like the miniature bus. Hehe.

It was drizzling at first but then the rain came down heavy. From the Flyer you can see how beautiful Singapore is. I was “awww” to see God’s creation like I was near the clouds..

Singapore City.

This is at the Souvenir Shop. COOL eh this picture?

After The Singapore Flyer ride, we went to have our lunch!

I already forgotten the name of the shop that we had our lunch! Oh yeah, it’s Hajjah Maimunah at Arab Street!

After lunch, we head home (:

Thanks Busu for the awesome experience ❤

Love, Herda.

Back to back volunteering.

16 December 2011

Back to back volunteering from one end to the end of Singapore. From morning till night. No, i’m not complaining, I’m thankful that I gain a lot that day.

Morning :-

Volunteered at Yana’s used-to-be work place. Client type? Kids & adults with special needs. To me they are all normal. Yet they are very special in my eyes. I had fun volunteering there (:

Night :-

CCA Volunteering at Pasir Ris near my secondary school. 4.30pm-9pm. Neh, it’s an awwwww to see them smiling (:


15 December 2011 ; Shopping with Sis-in-law to Town & Bugis Street.

Stopped at Orchard MRT station, head to ION Orchard. Window shopped. Stop at New Look and tour their two storey store! I wanted to buy my favorite ankle boot BUT I’m fussy, plus the price is still WOW! :/ and we decided to go H&M because I haven’t been to that store before! heh.

As usual, girls… we walk, stop and snap pictures! What’s new?

Kim Hyung Joon promoting SEOUL, KOREA in the middle of Orchard Road 😀

My pretty Sister posing with Christmas Tree! (:

KFC for lunch at Bugis Street :DD

We took an hour to finish our lunch, talking and resting our feets after walking around Orchard and plus shopping! 😛

We went to Bugis Street after lunch, we shopped till we dropped. One shop after another one. I spend a lot on accessories!! What can I do? It’s cheap and fashionable! (:

Pretty isn’t she, my sister-in-law (:



10 December 2011 ; PhotoWalk + Breaking Dawn Part 1

My first brother and I decided to go for a photo walk on Saturday since his not working on that day. I first plan to go Punggol but plan changed. Brother took me to the places that he know the sister will go “OMG OMG” heh.

(Picture Above)

Marina at Keppel Bay, if you’re a Kpop Fan you know who went here to do their Music Video! None other then, 2PM! My mouth can’t stop saying “OMG OMG OMG” when I saw the magnificent scenery! Marina Keppel Bay don’t look like I’m in Singapore eh?


My first brother and I (:

The Eclipse, sorry for the quality :/

My Sister-in-law & I.

After the photowalk, me and my brother fetch my sis-in-law at work. We head to Suntec City to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 at 11.40pm. (:

So the movie ends at 2am plus in the morning. Probably reach home nearly 3am.


YET, overall I love the last part of Breaking Dawn. FYI, I fall for Jacob! And and.. Seth is HOT! 😀