How I wish…

Hello Readers!

I know it’s kinda crazy of me to post a lot of the rooms pictures! Yes I found all this in Tumblr! Oh yes, I do want all this in my room like the Polaroids hanging across my room, the twirling lights around my bed frames, pasting of photos around my wall! Yeah, I know mostly all of you (my close friends) have been in my room and adore how I decorate it and etc BUT I never ever satisfied with what I have done with my room. Call me crazy, Yes I am. I need my room to be ‘alive’ at all times because I love being in my room, lazing around in my bed, having my laptop on, tuning into my favorite songs in Itunes, writing in my diary and sleep! I can be in my room for the whole day and that’s why I need it to be ‘alive’. I do change my photos at all times when I’m getting sick of it. (hahaha, that’s me)

Is just that I don’t have the time, money and IDEA to do so! What I need the most is photos and I’m one lazy girl to go down to the nearest shop and develop. Plus, it needs money! Well, what I can do for now is just do some research over the net and ‘copy-cat’ some ideas and put it in my room! Surely I’ll snap some photos! (:

Love, Herda.



I’ll give your heart a break.

The day I first met you
You told me you’d never fall in love
But now that I get you
I know fear is what it really was

Maybe you’re afraid?

Cause you’ve been hurt before
I can see it in your eyes,
You try to smile it away,
Some things you cant disguise,
Don’t wanna break your heart,
Baby I can ease the ache (the ache)
So let me give your heart a break, your heart a break,
Let me give your heart a break, your heart a break,
There’s just so much you can take,
Give your heart a break,
Let me give your heart a break, your heart a break

This song is on the REPEAT MODE.

Love, Herda

Shopaholic I am.

Assalamualaikum Lovelies! Hello Darlings!

So yesterday me and my mom went to the Singapore Expo in the morning (to avoid crowdedness since it’s Public Holiday), so 2nd Brother send us and I’m thankful to save up on my transport! NyehNyeh, Boo to Adult Fare. Ok lets get back to the story line, I wanted to check out Hall 6’s Orange Wedding Event which literally there’s booth which regards to wedding and etc BUT my motive dropping by is to get my Hoodies (like the one I’m wearing in the picture above) and the Indonesian Hijab Booth! Yet, we went to the Book Sale then The Robinson Sale! I’ve always looked forward to shop at The Robinson Sale because firstly they sell handbags, heels, clothes and many more! I bought heels! It’s a Platform Sandals from Pedro which only cost me below $20! I can go crazy with the heels/sandals from Pedro but I only bought one since I’m saving money for Hall 6 (hahaha)

After Robinson Sale, my mother and I went to Hall 6, the moment that we have been waiting for; Shopping till we drop (yes we did!) We went from one booth to the other booth, stop for awhile especially if there’s any dresses or hoods that attracts us! I’m thankful to have a mother whom have the same fashion taste as me because it’s easy for me to shop! Like finally I found my hood from Meem Clothings, been searching at Geylang = Joo Chiat Complex. Bought two colors; Pink (the unexpected color) and White (the one in the picture above), each cost me $22! Yes, don’t worry I shop with my own money!

Like at last we were done with our shopping at Hall 6 with dresses, hoods and hoods! Hahaha, yes I bought a lot! Then we head to Tampines to do another round of shopping *face palm* We went to Tampines Mall – Century Square – Tampines One! As usual the must go to New Look with Mom! I bought 2 pairs of shoes, 2 for $29.90! I spend wisely, yes for my work! I can’t afford to wear two type of shoes only! Ok, I’m asking too much *slaps myself* Hahaha. AND…. I bought bracelets { ohmy Herda you, how many more you want? hahaha sorry sorry can’t get enough with the cheap accessories } We head home after a long and exhausting shopping!

Oh yes, I’m a SHOPAHOLIC!

ByeBye! Waalaikumsalam!



01 April 2012

Assalamualaikum Readers! Hello Lovelies!

How have you been? I know I’ve been long gone (neh, only about a week). So here I am updating!

The very first day of April my family and I (without my 2nd brother & my 1st sis-in-law) went to Johore Bahru. Yes, it seems that every weekend we went to Johore! Heh! At first we send my sis-in-law to work then we head to Johore! We head to Larkin Bus Interchange, we shop for Islamic books and bought a magazine! YUNA on the cover! 🙂 Afterwards we had cendol (Ice Kacang’s family) at the side of the roads (you rarely get this in Singapore!!)

As usual we went to Southern City (Johore) to buy our usuals necessities and needs for our home! Last place we went was Pasar Tani ( so called pasar malam/night market) Bought not much of finger food because we had Briyani for breakfast. Mostly we bought drinks over there! NyehNyehNyeh! Then bought the pants that I want but not the exact ones, sad much :/

On the way back to Singapore we were accompanied by the beautiful sunset! Yes, All Praises to the Creator for the beautiful sunset everyday! (:

Till here readers.




First Day of the Month.

Assalamualaikum Lovelies! Hello Lovelies!

Good Morning to the First Day of the Month! Finally it’s April, hope everyone is doing fine.

A whole new chapter awaits me, which is Working Life.

I’m not sure why I’m all nervous yet I’ve working under the same school for the past 3 months? Maybe a permanent staff have a different expectations? Yes, I’m all worried but I’m sure I’ll do a good job. *breathes in and out*

To all of you, all the best for your future endeavors! Never give up going into your school/course of choice and to those who are finding jobs; Don’t give up, keep on trying!  Lastly, the ones whom already started working it’s a new life, a new beginning. Everyday you will learn something new and don’t be shy to ask around for guidance. Be strong lovelies.

Anything just dropped me a message.

I’ll update soonest.


Waalaikumsalam! (:



Girlfriend is Back!

All praises to Allah (God) that my dearest had reached Singapore safe and soundly from CAMBODIA! I’ve should posted this long time ago but you know I wasn’t able to go online and I haven’t download WordPress Application to my Iphone! (Boo Me!) I know right! But HEY! I’m thankful she is back!

Dear girlfriend,

You know why I’ve kept quiet and not set a date for our future meet up because firstly I don’t want to promise you anything because for what I’ve seen. Promises sometimes are meant to be broken (As you know we made a lot of promises to each other and the rest of the girls last time, remember? And we didn’t meet up and stuff?) Not that I purposely want to break our promises, is like I want it to go naturally without any hopes and promises being made. I hope you understand. InshaAllah, we will get to meet and hang out together.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder to each other”


You know I love you, always.



Hana Tajima Simpson

Hana Tajima Simpson

A fashion designer from London.

She wants to spread fashion for Hijab ladies.

She is mixed but converted to a Muslim.

“I really adore how she don the hijab and I am really a fan of her! Yes, her fashion sense attracts me and her self-potraits too!”

(Ps; Photos are not mine, all taken from Tumblr & Hana’s very own photos. If you want me to delete the photos away, please leave a comment below. Thank you.)